About Us

All Out Assault started in September of 1996 as a small collection of eight members that got together to play Quake 1 Death Match; a lot has changed since then. AoA has grown by leaps and bounds over the years and the community now has over 3000 registered members and continues to grow with every game we play. AoA may have started with FPS games but we have branched out to include MMOs, console games and all manner of PC gaming. The list of games we have played is too long to include here, but it's a lot. All Out Assault has and will always be about community first and foremost. This community's foundation rests on integrity, common sense, honor, and respect. As such, there is a heavy emphasis on maturity, fair play, and the simple enjoyment of the competitive gaming experience. No matter what real life throws at a player, rest assured the AoA community is a home to turn to and enjoy various aspects of gaming with some of the greatest and experienced members. While people have come and gone over the years members are always welcomed back and it is not unusual to see familiar faces popping in when new games are released. As part of our commitment to provide a welcoming and friendly community for everyone members are expected to abide by our rules and policies, these can be found in the Rules and Policies section of our forums. AoA understands that people have real lives and that those lives will often require your attention, real life always comes first. There is nothing out of the ordinary with what we expect from our members, simply put be respectful, do your best to represent AoA and above all have fun. If you would like to join AoA feel free to register and join us in game!

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