Guild Wide Changes - Important

Discussion in 'Guild News' started by Wstar, Nov 10, 2008.

Guild Wide Changes - Important

Discussion in 'Guild News' started by Wstar, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. Wstar

    Wstar Veteran Member

    Last Updated: 11.10.08

    It has come to my attention that the main site, among other things, need changing. As Chief Technical Officer, I will start coordinating everyone and start getting thing going. Currently, Allomein and Ragter have been doing a great job with ideas and kicking my ass to get a few things done. Also, Mynameismonkey has given some wonderful information about the site and content management systems, or CMS's.

    Each area has been recruiting individuals for various tasks. I want to bring everyone, thats willing to help, together to make these site wide changes [more] permit.

    Originally I was assigned to make the main site with fully integrated features. As time went on, I was one of the very few working on the project. Shortly after integration the project stopped. With many more projects to code, I did not have the time. I have 2 full-time jobs, not including any free-lance work, and time is something I do not have a lot of. I hope many of you can understand where I'm coming from. So, from now on I will be taking more of a lead to get things going.

    I am asking every division, every member, and all your friends to pitch a helping hand. If you can help out in anyway, please PM me asap. The following is a list of jobs, skills, and talents needed for this project.

    Legend: Jobs / Skill / Knowledge, Currently Assigned

    - Over-all Guild Planning / Support
    * Glow, Allomein (This area is locked)

    - Project Planning and Coordinating
    * Wstar, Allomein, Ragter, Mynameismonkey

    - Content / Information Planning
    * Ragter, Allomein, Wstar

    - Basic or Advance Knownledge of Web Deisgn
    * Wstar, Accomplice, Mynameismonkey

    - Basic or Advance Knownledge of HTML, PHP, and MySQL
    * Wstar, Accomplice, Sonaran

    - Basic or Advance Graphic Design

    - Advance Knowledge of PhpBB 3.0+
    * Wstar

    - Basic Knownledge Forum Themes
    * Wstar

    More jobs will be posted as the need arises. Right now, please PM me if you can help out in one (or more) of those areas.


    I want to point out a few things about how the site will work. If I need to explain these in more detail, just ask.
    1. Easy to use and navigate
    2. I do NOT want a lot of sections (or modules) that take the user to a different layout/page. I want integration.
    3. Our forum is the heart of AoA, as such, everything being developed must have full integration support with PhpBB login (If needed).
    4. No cookie cutter site.
    5. Maintenance should be at a minimal (except content that must be updated daily).


    Inspirational words from our leader: Glow
    "Basically, the end result will be uniform, easy to maintain, and not gay."
  2. Jess

    Jess Veteran Member

    non gay forum ftw :eek:
    Only skills I have have to do with audio/music/editing/production ect and stuffs so unless we get our own radio station... And I know how to use Photoshop, but I wouldn't consider my skills too useful there :)
  3. Overmind

    Overmind Veteran Member

    I have nunchuck skillz if you need em!
  4. sonaran

    sonaran Veteran Member

    Does this mean no fat naked dancing avatars?
  5. Jess

    Jess Veteran Member

    I think he means the layout, unfortunatly that doesn't include Alderon :/
  6. Alderon

    Alderon Veteran Member

    and what a shame it is to!! can you guys imagine, an alder-layout??!!!
  7. Cpt Crunch

    Cpt Crunch Veteran Member

    I can make spaghetti!...

    .....I can tape all your buns together....
  8. Alderon

    Alderon Veteran Member

    i can play heart and soul on the piano!
  9. Nywen

    Nywen Veteran Member

    Sorry I lack any real tech skills here. I barely paid any attention in my computer science courses (I don't know how I managed to get so far). I hate coding so I'm no help there. If there were any bake sales, hey hey, then I'm your woman, that's if bake goods survive shipping. :D
  10. glow

    glow AoA Emeritus

    Well I am thinking about a bake sale, but I will definately have to test the product first. Send over a batch of chocolate chip cookies for beta testing.
  11. Reno4x4

    Reno4x4 Veteran Member

    Sign me up for the cookie beta.
  12. Jess

    Jess Veteran Member

    i'll pay $2 for a slice of pumpkin pie
  13. Wstar

    Wstar Veteran Member

  14. oleum

    oleum Officer

    Damn I wish they'd let us beta test from UK, hehe at least this time you know how I feel!
  15. jaws2112

    jaws2112 Veteran Member

    Mmmmm.... cookie beta test... I can get behind that plan.
  16. Arcfire

    Arcfire Guild Admin Staff Member

    what if the cookies crash your system though? or give you malware? mm mm salmonella.

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