Discussion in 'Final Fantasy XIV' started by Jai Starlet, Jun 1, 2015.


Discussion in 'Final Fantasy XIV' started by Jai Starlet, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Jai Starlet

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    With the new expansion just weeks away, I would like to take some time to address a few items that have been up in the air for some time now.

    First off, with the addition of the expansion AoA is expecting to see a lot of member who may have been taking a break form the game come back. We welcome you all back full force with open arms! Each person who has been an active loyal member of AoA has maintained a spot with the Free Company.

    In recent times, I have endured personal/ health struggles that have prevented me from being on as much as I would have liked to be. My active and loyal members have stuck by my side keeping the Free Company alive. I would like to thank each and every one of you for being there to rear our beloved AoA and to be a great friend to me when I needed to take care of serious things in real life. 9 months have flown by fairly fast, and I will soon be delivering a brand new baby boy into this world. These last few weeks I am to still remain resting and will be off to the doctors to monitor his heartbeat and well being twice a week to make sure that he will be a healthy boy when he arrives.

    Being that so many have been gone for so long, I will make sure to take time to help the returning members through old content so that they may enter Heavensward prepared and ready to kick some ass. I will also be recruiting new members and looking to promote solid officers. In order to be an officer, I am looking for a certain level of commitment to AoA and its members. I need people able to help members, run raid events, and be able to be my eyes and ears when I am not in the game. We here have been really fortunate to have had a solid group in the past, and hopefully we can walk into the future even stronger than we have been before. I will be taking time to make rank adjustments at this point. This is not to say that I do not care about previous officers and it is not to offend any person in particular. I truly care about each person who has entered the FC in the past (nearly 2) years, and feel fortunate to have been graced with all of your unique personalities and assistance. At this point, however, I will need officers commitment (time, energy) to rebuild the glory that we once had. The members who have remained active will maintain an officers spot. The members returning will have the option to decide on what will work out the best for them in the long run; weather it be to just have fun as a player, or to commit and help as an officer. Again, this is not to offend any one person. I honestly love you all! There will be times as a single mother of three that I will need a strong support team of officers behind me because I will not be able to be around 24/7 to make each judgement call and run each raid. I hope that you will all be able to come back full force and we can meet and discuss future plans.

    With all of the exciting new content on the way, I hope that you are all as pumped as I am to level new jobs, move around with flying mounts, experience new raids, increase your level caps, and see the game itself revived to its former glory. Cant wait guys!!!
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    Glad to see the FFXIV group is alive and kicking and best wishes for a very successful delivery of your bundle of joy. Stop by the forums more often, it would be great to know what all is going on in FFXIV and if there's any support the clan can offer just holler.

    Hoping for a flawless delivery, because, yeah, THIS is a thing and i can't think of a better way to recruit the future of gaming :D Best wishes!

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  3. Rhiki

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    I'm here if ya need my help :)
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  4. Miyu

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    the ghost of AV will still be haunting around :)
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  5. Anopheles gambiae

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    Glad to see FFXIV still alive and kickin'. Wish you guys all the best! Take care and post us some pics of the baby when he arrives.
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  7. dragan

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    well just to let you know jai .. I'm back !
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